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Terms and Conditions of Membership
Please read through the following terms and conditions of membership to the Wellness Champions Network.
The intention is to ensure the group continues to thrive and be a place of learning, growth and support.

Purpose: Building well workplaces takes a village of dedicated champions: executives, managers, employees and specialists. We believe that by working together we can build a healthier, happier world where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

Hosted by Sarah McGuinness, the group comprises HR, health and safety and senior leaders passionate about wellbeing.


Format: As a group, we share knowledge and ideas, learn from each other, and problem solve together via our bi-monthly (or thereabouts) one-hour virtual discussions.

Each session starts with an interview with a guest, which leads into a facilitated group discussion, and then members are invited to share what they are working on, issues they are experiencing and anything else of interest (related to workplace wellbeing).

It’s a great way to connect with others and discover new ideas.

Group agreement

The group is relatively informal and relies on the trust and respect of members.

We know that members are busy within their roles and therefore feel it is vital that the group delivers value and is supportive and collegial in nature. As a member of the group, you agree to uphold these standards, and the following:


1. All discussions must relate to workplace wellbeing and be focused on creating workplace cultures that are positive and inclusive.


2. Membership to the group is at My Health Revolution’s sole discretion. We love having a wide and varied group and but will exercise our discretion to remove members when needed if members impose on the supportive nature of the group.


3. We ask members to follow the Chatham House Rule with regards to sharing information gained from the discussions.


4. From time to time, it may be possible to see others’ email addresses. Please be respectful of this information. Members are welcome to make contact with each other on a one-to-one basis.


5. If members wish to email information to the wider group then it must be sent to Sarah for distribution. This is to keep emails related to the group to a minimum (goodness knows our email inboxes are full enough!). Our preference is for members to communicate via Mobilize. Sending multiple unsolicited emails to members is not allowed and anyone found doing so will be removed from the group.


6. It’s great to hear case studies and to celebrate wins within the group (e.g. if your organisation has won an award – let us know!). However, to protect the purpose and intent of the group, we won’t tolerate spam or selling of services/goods (without My Health Revolution’s prior approval) and will remove any member from the group that focuses on self or organisational promotion.


7. Registration for events occurs through the website here.


8. You are welcome to share newsletters with colleagues who may be interested.


9. We understand the pressures and challenges of corporate life and realise members may not be able to attend every discussion. Periodically, we will review the group and if we have not heard from a member in some time then we will initially reach out to see if the member is still interested in being part of the group. If we do not hear from the member, we will assume they are no longer interested and will remove them. This is to keep the group active and protect the information shared.


10. To ensure that we can communicate with you, share knowledge amongst members, organise events, share updates, and plan for the future of the group, we need to collect different types of information, including personal data. As the hosts of the group, we are very protective and want to make sure you feel it is a safe place to share.

Please note:

– In terms of contact details, we will only ever ask for the information we need to know.

– As part of the group, we may ask you questions that relate to wellbeing in your workplace. It is up to you how much you want to share. We will collect and use the data you share with us transparently, honestly and fairly.

– We will always respect your choices around the data that you share with us and with confidentiality. You are welcome to change this information at any time. Please email:

– We will put appropriate security measures in place to protect the personal data that you share.

– We will never, ever sell your data. We feel strongly that it would be unethical, and against the values of the group.


11. As a group member, if you have any questions or concerns at any time – please email us: or ring 021 183 9822. Please email to unsubscribe.


We regularly update these terms and conditions as the group evolves. Revision notices are posted in the Member Area on the My Health Revolution website and members are responsible for regularly reviewing any updates. The intention is to ensure the group continues to thrive and be a place of learning, growth and support.

If that all sounds ok, great!
We’re delighted to have you in Wellness Champions Network.
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