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Workplace wellbeing solutions

To help you decide what support you need, you can compare our wellbeing services and products using the helpful table below. You could choose one, two or all three!

Type: Community group.

Great for: Anyone in business with an interest in workplace wellbeing.

How it helps you: Learn, share and connect with colleagues around New Zealand and Australia. Plus, learn from experts on need-to-know wellbeing topics.

What does it involve? Communication via our online community app, virtual discussions every 6 – 8 weeks on wellbeing topics and in-person events held across New Zealand and Australia.

Price: FREE


Well-Gold Group

Type: Professional membership group.

Great for: Leaders with a responsibility for improving wellbeing in the workplace.

How it helps you: Develop your professional expertise in workplace wellbeing. Get the tools you need to develop wellbeing in your workplace. Be recognised as a leader in wellbeing.

What does it involve? Access to a resource-rich online portal, expert learning modules delivered via app Kite and masterclasses. Plus, join research projects, mentoring and much more!

Price:  $339 + GST per year (membership is individual).

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Bespoke Corporate Solutions

Type: Bespoke solutions tailored to your organisation.

Great for: Organisations looking to better understand employee wellbeing and create a thriving workplace.

How it helps you: Get a clear picture of wellbeing in your workplace. Plus, understand how wellbeing is currently supported across your business and identify areas for development to enhance your organisation.

What does it involve? Employee and organisational wellbeing measures, tailored to your organisation. Plus, we can also provide strategic advice, workshops and access to micro-learning app Kite.

Price: On application.