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Sharing our work for Sealord

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Sharing our work for Sealord

We are excited to share we presented at the Workplace Mental Health Symposium 2019.

Thank you to our awesome client, Sealord, for the opportunity to present our recent wellbeing research and strategy work for them.

The Workplace Mental Health Symposium 2019 brought leaders from around Australia and New Zealand together to better understand how to create workplaces that support people to thrive. The two prominent themes were leadership and communication, with both required to foster positive mental health at work. Peer support was also raised as a theme and there were some outstanding examples from Energy Queensland and PWC.

Our presentation focused on our recent wellbeing work with Sealord. Sealord is one of the largest seafood companies in the Southern Hemisphere with fishing operations in New Zealand, Australia, Ross Sea and the Indian Ocean. Sealord has had a people focus for a number of years, however, wanted to achieve a more coordinated approach to improving employee health and wellbeing in a belief that this would help employee engagement grow to even higher levels. Of course, recent law changes in New Zealand, and a greater awareness of the role that workplaces play on wellbeing, has also placed the spotlight on mental health.

To meet this goal, My Health Revolution provided Sealord with strategic support to gain a better picture of the organisation’s goals and objectives, approach to wellbeing, and workforce engagement in wellbeing programmes. We provided a rich analysis of organisational strengths and opportunities for development to help the organisation meet its goals.

Our presentation provided more detail on our work, lessons learned and the implications for the future for Sealord and for other organisations.


If you’d like to know more about the outcomes of the Symposium and how we could help your workplace to build a thriving culture, get in touch with us today.