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We’re a corporate wellbeing consultancy
with an awesome, experienced team

Sarah McGuinness
Sarah McGuinness, CEO/Founder

BCS, BSc (Hons), Cert IV T&A, Cert III Fitness

As the CEO/founder of My Health Revolution, Sarah helps senior leaders to build happy, healthy workplaces, connected with customers and the community.

She understands the necessary steps for success, drawing on her honours degree in psychology and degree in communication, training in health behaviour, fitness and facilitation, plus a 15+ year career in the corporate sector specialising in leadership and organisation development.

An accomplished speaker, Sarah not only understand health and behaviour but also how to communicate and drive wellbeing in a way that is engaging at any level of an organisation – from graduate to CEO. She is a passionate mental fitness and wellbeing champion and is determined to reduce stigma and improve conversations around mental health. Her Take Care project shares real conversations about self care in the modern world.

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Our consulting team includes:

Mark Wallace Bell
Mark Wallace-Bell, Behaviour Change Lead

RN, BSc (Hons)(Psych)PhD

Mark is an internationally recognised health behaviour change specialist. He has facilitated health behaviour change programmes for numerous organisations in New Zealand and Australia.

Mark brings scientific rigour to our research process, balanced with an understanding of the pressures and realities of business life.

When not with My Health Revolution, he is at the University of Canterbury where he teaches post graduate papers on health behaviour change. Mark is also a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT).

My Health Revolution
Consulting team


Our consulting team is highly qualified with a depth of experience across a range of industries and professions, including:

  • human resources
  • health and safety
  • marketing and communications
  • commercial and contract management
  • environmental sustainability, and
  • psychology.

All are established advisors to senior leaders in their own right and are passionate about supporting organisations and people to thrive.

Matt Dolan
Matt Dolan, Consultant & Advisor

Matt is one of our expert consultants.

Matt’s experience spans human resources management, transformation and change leadership within multinationals, the likes of BHP Billiton and Veolia, as well as other organisations across the transport and logistics, natural resources and environmental services sectors.

Matt has worked in global, regional and locally focussed roles and projects in a generalist and specialist capacity making him a true ‘allrounder’ when it comes to people at work.

Matt and Anne-Marie’s consulting company, bestfitHR  offers diagnosis and implementation of people solutions, from HR leadership through change and transformation.

Anne-Marie Dolan
Anne-Marie Dolan, Consultant & Advisor

Anne-Marie is one of our expert consultants.

Anne-Marie worked with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) leading research, competency and curriculum projects in Australia and globally.  As well as writing and presenting on people matters, Anne-Marie also played a generalist HR role at AHRI as it grew from a small to medium sized organisation, facing and addressing the challenges and opportunities which come with a growing workforce.

More recently, since starting a family, Anne-Marie has worked remotely to deliver all manner of content, curriculum and capability projects for clients both within AHRI and in Australian State Government agencies. She also works alongside Matt at their consulting company, bestfitHR.

We are:
Innovative & driven

We’re taking a fresh and future-focused perspective, built on the combined expertise and experience of our awesome, passionate team of specialists. We are always looking out for the latest trends and research to boost the wellbeing of your organisation. We are invested in your succcess.

Human in our approach

We have decades of corporate experience and understand the pressures on your time. We’re focused on making it easy to improve engagement, productivity and customer satisfaction through wellbeing.

We’re collaborative, realistic, respectful and able to connect with all levels of your organisation.

Completely independent

We practice what we promote and we’re not hindered by large offices or overheads. We’ve embraced the future of work and are flexible, nimble, passionate, and outcome-focused. We happily travel to you to understand and deliver what you need, and we make the most of online technology to reduce our collective environmental footprint.