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Let’s light New Zealand orange

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Let’s light New Zealand orange

Light it Orange is nearly here! It’s a special week to raise awareness and much needed funds to help victims of family violence to get safe and stay safe.

The statistics are staggering. In New Zealand, one woman is killed every three weeks and one New Zealand child is killed every five weeks – by a member of their own family. It’s a sad fact that for many families, home is not a safe place.



Join us to make a difference

We urgently need your help to reach more victims of domestic abuse to help them to get safe and stay safe. Workplaces play a critical role in keeping people safe and being a voice for change. We all have a responsibility.

At My Health Revolution, we strongly believe our communities should be places where people feel safe. We’ve worked with Shine pro-bono to create an easy-to-follow workplace guide with events and activities for 8 – 14 March 2020 to help you raise awareness and to fundraise in your workplace.

We encourage you to get involved, share your photos and take steps towards making Kiwi workplaces domestic violence free.

Thank you so much for wanting to help make a difference. Download the guide today and let’s light New Zealand orange.

>>Click here to download the Light it Orange- Workplace Guide 2020