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Podcast interview with Holly Carrington - How Workplaces Can Respond to and Prevent Family Violence

Episode 2: How workplaces can respond to and prevent family violence

In this podcast, we turn our focus to the important role that workplaces can play in preventing family violence.

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When it comes to family violence, workplaces play a critical role in keeping people safe, holding those who inflict violence to account, and being a voice for change. New laws in New Zealand also require workplaces to recognise family violence as a health and safety issue and to have adequate measures in place.

To provide us with guidance on how to create family violence-free workplaces, I’m joined by Holly Carrington from Shine.

In this interview, Holly shares how workplaces can respond to this issue and she outlines steps we can all take to create a family violence-free New Zealand.


Our guest – Holly Carrington
Holly Carrington - How Workplaces Can Respond to and Prevent Family Violence

Holly Carrington

Holly Carrington is Shine’s DVFREE & Policy Adviser, and originally joined Shine in 2000. In recent years, she has led the development of Shine’s DVFREE programme, including the DVFREE Tick workplace accreditation and the DVFREE Guidelines on Policy & Procedures.

She was previously Shine’s Communications & Marketing Manager and prior to that Partnerships & Training Director. She was part of Shine’s senior leadership team from 2003. Over the years, she has delivered domestic violence training to judges, police, corporates, and many others; spoken at conferences; researched and written Shine policy submissions; and has been a media spokesperson for Shine on tv, print and radio. Her experience with Shine has also included advocacy for domestic violence victims and facilitating for Shine’s non-violence programmes for perpetrators of domestic violence. Prior to 2000, Holly worked in fundraising, advocacy, and community development with various not-for-profits in her native California.

Shine is a highly reputable specialist domestic abuse service provider that has been helping victims of domestic abuse to become safe since 1990. Shine has also developed the DVFREE Tick which recognises workplaces that truly support employees in this area.





More information

For more information on Shine, visit:

  • Shine’s Helpline is 0508-744-633 (7 days a week, 9am to 11pm), and more information is available here (other tollfree specialist helplines include: Women’s Refuge national helpline 0800 733 843, and It’s Not OK Helpline 0800 456 450).
  • If you know or suspect it’s happening to someone you know, do/say something: more information is available here or ring Shine’s Helpline for advice.
  • Click here to access Shine’s free workplace DVFREE guidelines on policy and procedures as well as the free online learning module, info about DV training and the DVFREE Tick accreditation.
  • For more information about challenge beliefs and attitudes that underpin family violence, click here.

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